Bunch of Technology Solution

Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Installation

->Team Foundation components

->Team Foundation Server Proxy

->Team Foundation Build

->Team Explorer

Team Foundation Server provides

->Extensible work item tracking

->Build capabilities

->Comprehensive version control system

Team Foundation consist of

->Data Tier

->Application Tier

->Client Tier

Data Tier stores (Sql Server)

->work items

->version-controlled source files

->test results

->other project metrics

Application Tier stores (web based front-end application integrated with IIS)

->Sql Server Reporting

->Team Foundation Core Services

->Sharepoint Products and Technologies

->also host Team Foundation Windows services

->Team Foundation Build

->Team Foundation Server Proxy

Team Foundation Build provides

->build automation services

Team Foundation Server Proxy

->it caches previously accessed source control files to improve the performance of source control operations over low-bandwidth connections

Client Tier consist of

->Team Explorer

Team Explorer

->can be used as standalone application or integrated with VS2008 (Except VS2008 Express).

->it also integrates with MS Office Project 2003 and 2007

->it also integrates with MS office Excel 2003 and 2007, which project manager can use to view project information and publish information and publish that information to Team Foundation Server.

You can install the logical tiers(Data, Application and Client) of Team Foundation on one or more computers.

Team Foundation Server

->You can install Team Foundation Server using a single- or dual-server deployment.




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